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Invest in Cyprus

Property from EUR250,000

Finance options available

3%+ p.a.
capital growth

Buy a property and hold for
capital growth

6 – 10%
instant equity

Build for instant equity
on completion

up to 11% p.a.
return on cash 

Get annual income when you buy-to-let

According to legend, Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure was born at Paphos, on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Now you have the opportunity of channelling Aphrodite's legacy by exploring this fantastic Mediterranean destination.

Cyprus is set to become one of the most coveted global residential destinations on earth. The reasons for this are many but boil down to a brilliant climate, offering four distinct seasons but all of them temperate with more sunshine than anywhere else in Europe, a rapidly improving infrastructure that has huge implications in as far as connectivity is concerned, an enviable quality of life, a cosmopolitan outlook and a much improved economy. Above all, Cyprus offers cosmopolitan modern living set amongst Mediterranean island charm and beauty. The island, although relatively small (it’s the third largest in the Mediterranean) offers up a stunning variety of scenery from snow-capped peaks to lush turquoise beaches, from vast plains and gorgeous wine regions to the last great Homeric wildernesses. Cyprus’ cities are chic, happening, cultured and enviably liveable. The country is at once ancient, with any number of antiquities to explore, but also every inch a la mode and buzzy. If your taste is in opera, symphony concerts or chamber music, then concerts run every night of the week. If you are into the visual arts, jazz, ballet, it’s all here as each of the four lively cities is within a two hour drive of the other. You have the most wonderful choice of abodes from which to choose from leading edge skyscrapers to stone cottages, from beautifully situated golf villas to elegant seaside mansions. The beaches are stunning, the skiing isn’t bad, there’s great sailing and the shopping, although not in Dubai league as yet, is coming on.

Cyprus is unlike most of Europe in that it’s an easy place to fit in

Cypriots are invariably fluent in English and usually have a couple of other languages aside from their native Greek and Turkish up their sleeve. They have often lived abroad, be it in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia or the US and this informs their world view. Likewise, Cyprus has become a multicultural island with large numbers of British, French, Russians, Chinese, Filipinos, Sri Lankans and others living comfortably side by side. The variety of cuisines on offer is huge and, perhaps, surprisingly pretty well covers the planet.

Cyprus really does offer up the best of all worlds. At the moment property prices are reasonable as a result of the recent crisis, by things have already bottomed out and may well soar as direct flights to Asia, Africa and the US begin in 2017. One really does gain the impression that Cyprus in on the verge of something truly spectacular and that it will increasingly be on people’s lips over the next few years. We have a simply wonderful and diverse range of properties on the island so please be our guest and come over and have a look!

The perfect choice for those who appreciate the profitability and diversity of a property investment and who want the security and stability provided by a high demand country which has been established for thousands of years.

Key locations in Cyprus

Ayia Napa

ayia napa






At Birchwood Stanhope it’s important to us you have a fundamental understanding of what you are investing in. We’ll provide examples containing the costs and all of the surrounding necessary documentation you need, based on properties that fit into your way of thinking

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