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up to 14% p.a.
return on cash 

Get annual income when you buy-to-let

There are few places on Earth quite as intriguing or as experientially or culturally rich and vibrant as Britain

The country has immense scenic diversity for its small size: There is beauty and history everywhere from stunning cathedral cities to super-modern enclaves, from Roman and Bronze Age remains to picture-postcard villages and rural landscapes that have changed little over time and from rugged Nordic mountain scenery to sub-tropical splendor more redolent of the Mediterranean. Tradition and scintillating modernity live side by side in this storied land of ancient and modern. At the same time, Britain offers thrilling, pulsating metropolises including of course, London but beyond that a renascent, buzzing Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh or Cardiff. There’s a stunningly rich diversity of things to do and an enviable quality of life is available everywhere.

This is at once an ancient and settled nation but it can also be viewed as a New World country, shaped by immigration from every point on the globe

There is little prejudice by comparison with other Western nations due to a much greater cosmopolitanism and connectedness to the rest of the planet. London has just elected a Moslem mayor with ease but ethnicity and religion are not so much factors in a society where most families are multi-ethnic within themselves. What is so exceptional is that the old world imbibes the new in Britain and the new world imbibes the old, making for a brilliant kaleidoscope of culture and tradition. As such the country combines all that is enviable about to Old World in terms of continuity and steadfast culture with all that is desirable in the New in terms of being fluid and not immutable to change. It is a forward- looking place, invariably open to the future and to new ideas.

Perhaps the most precious gift that living in the UK bestows is the complete freedom to be oneself in every respect. There is no pressure to conform, in fact eccentricity is valued! The people are passionate and warm, tolerant and outward looking with their initial reticence giving way to considerable warmth and affection abetted by a certain natural effusiveness. They are generally polite and amenable, never take themselves too seriously, and they seem always to be very enthusiastic about whatever they are doing at the time: every aspect of life is pursued with unbridled passion here. This is a place alive with people who declare an active interest in enjoying themselves and living to the fullest. It’s all here: abundant theatre, literature, visual arts, music, architecture and heritage: the shopping is fantastic as the country has morphed into a consumer paradise and the multifaceted lifestyle can almost too good to be true. There are almost too many choices. That football crowd is also visiting a stately home that weekend, or going to the theatre or hopping to the Continent on a short trip.

 It’s a brilliant place to raise children offering the world’s best private schooling and some of the best universities anywhere. It’s a country that electrifies in terms of the sheer diversity of what it can offer a person or a family. In short, nowhere quite offers the superlative quality of life, richness of existence and unbridled excitement that comes with either living or maintaining a home in the UK.

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At Birchwood Stanhope it’s important to us you have a fundamental understanding of what you are investing in. We’ll provide examples containing the costs and all of the surrounding necessary documentation you need, based on properties that fit into your way of thinking

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