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Cyprus Residency

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There are in essence, 3 ways of buying property in Cyprus and securing either residency or citizenship. Both residency options (which are both permanent life-long residencies from the outset) require the purchase of a property for a value of Euro 300k or above excluding VAT and transfer taxes, a certain level of income and a secure investment, payable as a kind of bond of good faith into a local bank.

The Cyprus Golden visa is very coveted as it confers almost instantaneous permanent residency in an EU country on non-EU nationals, their spouses and dependents. There are various advantages over other golden visa schemes in so far as there is a 7 year route to naturalisation and no concerns about renewals during that time. However, Cyprus is yet to enter the Schengen zone so travel to the rest of the EU is dependent upon gaining either a Schengen visa or applicable visa for the nation to be travelled to.

The main advantage is that the residency is life-long and can be granted to dependent minors up until the age of 18. However, this can be extended to adult children of the lead applicant in special circumstances such as if they want to study in Cyprus or are in need of special care.

Holders of this Permit are not entitled to work in Cyprus but they are entitled to own a Cyprus registered company and are entitled also to receive dividends from the profits of said company.

The only grounds for revocation of the Permanent Residence Permit are should the permit holder by granted a residency permit in another country other than that of their country of citizenship and also if they don’t visit Cyprus for a period longer than 2 years. Thus once they don’t come back to Cyprus say between Jan 31st 2017 and Jan 31st 2019 or similar two year duration, their permit can be revoked.

There are two tracks for obtaining the visa, a fast track, in which it is typically delivered in less than 2 months and the Category F route where issuance will typically take between 5 months and one year.

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