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Deploy GBMS Tech Cyber Security

HMRC Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) approved
Current Price per Share = GBP 1*
*Offer ends 1st April

GBMS Tech Ltd are Appointed Representatives (firm reference number 784139) of Portcullis Insurance Brokers Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (firm reference number 526979)

GBMS Tech has been vigorously tested by both government departments & blue-chip companies & proven to be 100% effective at protecting against all malicious computer viruses (malware), threats, and ransomware. Stop cyber attacks before they happen.


  • Provides compliance with new data security regulations
  • 5x plus potential return on EIS Investment
  • Huge pent-up demand for a 100% effective solution
  • Prevention/protection model beats scan-and-remediate products
  • Suitable for enterprise, government and SME’s

Now, nobody needs to be a hacking victim


Three pronged Cyber Security prevention

System Protection

Locks a system so that no unauthorized software (such as viruses, ransomware, etc.) can run. Ever

24/7 Network Monitoring

Monitors the network to detect and analyze hacking attempts to block hackers and reduce threatening traffic. Including PCI and HIPAA compliance.

Internal Threat Detection

Detects nefarious employee activities and data theft via internal network, wifi and usb.

The ultimate in Cyber Defence for your business network

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Four reasons why businesses MUST deploy GBMS Tech:

The Business

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The GBMS Tech Ltd cyber defence system uses a kernel level security agent that intercepts the loading of all executable files and scripts and positively verifies if they are authorised on the organisation’s Trusted Apps list. If they are trusted, they run, if not, they are immediately blocked. Even where an application is unpatched, GMBS Tech prevents malware from executing.

FCA approved, patented (March 2017), under written by Lloyds insurance underwriters, greatly assists GDPR compliance.

The Market

EIS Enterprise Investment Scheme Business Chart

Market forecast to grow to $300bn. GBMS Tech addresses the unmet needs of enterprise businesses, SME’s and currently unprotected low power systems such as CCTV and control systems such as transport signalling and with further development, the continually growing 7 billion smartphone and mobile phone market in use today can be protected by GBMS. Additonal markets are created as operating systems become unsupported. Users of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2003, are unable to receive security updates but GBMS Tech securely protects all these systems.

Progress / Proof

Internet of things
  1. Achieving sales, and forecast to grow exponentially in 2018.
  2. Defeats zero-day malware, rootkits, persistent threats, viruses and worms.
  3. Protects all Microsoft Windows operating systems including: NT4 , XP , Windows 7 , 8 , 10 and all Server systems
  4. Allows organisations to plan hardware & software replacements to “allowable budgets” as ALL legacy systems can be protected
  5. Has a minimal software footprint with no noticeable latency
  6. Extremely fast
  7. 95% More effective than other mainstream protection products
  8. Restores performance, prolongs PC and server lifespan, saves energy
  9. Provides anti-malware and anti-hacker protection
  10. Unparalleled cyber defense for individuals and organisations that are concerned about their privacy

Objectives / Future

Mobile phone with apps

GBMS Tech is in discussion with many tier one, two and three companies within the banking, finance, insurance sectors, to provide managed security services. With the existing Data Protection Regulations and the impending GDPR Regulations coming into effect in May 2018, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) techniques are becoming all the more vital to ensure compliance. 

The GBMS Tech platform of Host Protection Technology, Trident Cyber Threat Vector Analysis, Trident Cybersecurity Monitoring Platform and Firewall management provides continual system integrity and reduces the threat vectors into manageable processes.

With malicious code completely unable to run and complete network analysis, GBMS Tech provides a breakthrough in cybersecurity.

Prevention beats remediation everytime!
This incredible mitigation technology stops threats dead even when antivirus and firewalls fail.

How to Invest in a Cyber Security Revolution:

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Approx. £2.75 per week per person for full surety…..
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* Security based on 1 server and 50 end points split 50/50 thin and thick

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