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Invest in Charged Off Consumer Debt

Birchwood Stanhope work with investors that want to invest in debt portfolios collected by credit agencies, offering them the best strategy for long term and recurring returns. 

High returns and multiple streams of income:

  • Investing in debt portfolios is the highest yielding option in the US financial market.
  • First stream of income: Recurring quarterly returns.
  • Second stream of income: Larger "balloon" payment at the end of the year (plus initial capital investment returned).

39% Returns Assured*

*Based on the NET revenue of the purchased portfolios during the term of the loan

How can you assure such high returns?

First stream of income:

Investors get to choose their quarterly return between 8% and 14% that will be paid to you every 3 months. Keep in mind that the higher return you choose for the recurring payments, the less you will receive at the end of the term. So for example, for a US$100,000 investment and a rate of 11%,
 you will receive US$2,250 quarterly (US$11,000).

Second stream of income:

Based on the quarterly income you want and have chosen above, you will receive the outstanding % to reach 39% in a single balloon payment, as well as your initial investment capital returned to you 13 months from the date of your initial investment. Following the example above, you will cash out US$128,000 as your investment matures.

How are such high yelds achievable?

The debt market in the US is flooded with capital, we partner with debt collecting companies that buy charged off consumer debt. Take a look at the process

Creation of debt

We buy debt files for pennies on the dollar

Debt gets collected by our partners

How ethical is this?

The owner of the debt portfolio gets paid for the full amount

Overview of Debt Industry

Million credit card holders
Billion credit cards
Trillion consumer spending
Billion dollars of debt

Right now large financial institutions are facing constant pressure from Wall St. to improve their earnings. Selling these bad debt receivables can provide an immediate cash infusion to a bank’s bottom line.

Security of the investment


Our partners are protected by collateralizing an asset that has real value in the marketplace. There are not many opportunities that exist which offer security and peace of mind to the extent of ours.


ALL portfolios are insured for fraud and corruption by the agency via E/O (Errors and Ommissions) policy and Remit Bond.


We put all of our cards on the table, making every bit of information from hard numbers to challenges and concerns available to our partners, without objection or delay. We believe this is a key component to building and maintaining a strong relationship.


The management team has a combined 100 years of experience in the debt buying industry. Purchasing over US$2 billion in Charged Off Consumer Debt.

Minimum investment


  • Impeccable Past Track Record
  • Proprietary Due Diligence Process
  • Fully Managed
  • 12 Month Term
  • ROI 39% per annum
  • Real time access to portfolio

Fully insured

all portfolios are insured for fraud and corruption by the agency via E/o policy & remit bond

Collecting debt in an ethical manner:

The process of debt collecting actually helps american taxpayers to get rid of their debt with a smaller fee. This can happen thanks to the fact that our partners can purchase debt files from the banks after 6 months of default.

Investment calculator

Money, Makes Money...
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Charged off consumer debt investment overview

  • Recurring Income
  • Full Transparency
  • Asset Backed Security
  • Experienced Management Team with a Combined 100+ Years Experience.
  •  Long Term Opportunity

Because of increasing charge offs (more volume), banks are increasing their sales of their debt portfolios for pennies on the dollar to debt buyers. As Americans continue to increase their reliance on credit card spending to make everyday purchases, the rapid growth witnessed within the card market is more than likely to continue and will only amplify the need to continue strong relationships between the banks and the debt buyers.

We understand and follow strict guidelines for each portfolio reviewed. Our due diligence and transaction process are the key components in mitigating risk

At Birchwood Stanhope, it’s important to us you have a fundamental understanding of what you are investing in. This Charged Off Consumer Debt investment in USA offers an easy to understand investment with growth potential driven by significant economical situation which is forecasted to continue for years to come.

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