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Birchwood Stanhope is an alternative investment company, established in 2011. We are 100% independent with offices in Cheshire, United Kingdom and in Ceará, the north-eastern state of Brazil. Birchwood Stanhope has been dedicated to developing alternative investment solutions for close to 10 years. We act in the best and long term interests of our investors, taking into account economic, ecological, social and ethical issues. Our broad experience as an alternative investment company enables us to identify, analyse and capture attractive investment opportunities. We help to develop and implement solutions for a broad range of investor needs that take both tax and regulatory issues into account

Our expertise, built across the entire value chain, enables us to identify attractive investments for our investors. We apply a holistic, solution-oriented approach to investing, from the development and implementation of a strategy, to the management of and exit from an asset. A solid operational infrastructure, a high degree of transparency, rigorous asset controls and efficient cost structures mean we are able to achieve significant economies of scale and strong corporate governance.

Management Team




Professionally, Tim is very well-connected and is down to earth and logical-thinking. He is very adaptable and offers a troubleshooting, solution based approach to business. He approaches challenges with an open mind and a broad viewpoint. Both pragmatic and methodical in the way he works, Tim has the ability to assess situations quickly, nail down the agreed goal, plot the route and then lead from the front.




Daniel Merson has 15 years experience in the international property market. He has spent many years travelling the world dealing with a multitude of high end clients and this informs a comprehensive and deep overview of the global market. In recent years Daniel has expended much time and effort researching Europe’s most promising luxury property sectors. His approach is personal, intrinsically customer-focused and detail orientated. He listens and works entirely to the customer’s agenda rather than his own.



Elisa Parente is a journalist, content writer, translator and creative persona. With over 5 years of experience in newsrooms, she has interviewed a great number of personalities and covered numerous events in areas such as Politics, Economics and Arts and Culture. Elisa has covered an array of concerts by international pop artists and has been privileged to interview artists like Beyoncé and Paul McCartney.




His performance marketing background allows him to have a deep understanding of how information spreads in the digital age. Analytical, yet creative, Gianmarco always has an eye on the most innovative and effective ways to generate top of the mind awareness and establish an authentic relationship with the customer. During his working experiences in Italy, Switzerland and Portugal he has gained a strong sense of independence and an unshakable work ethic.

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Portuguese, fluent in English and French is a sociologist, post graduated in Statistics and Information Management, having worked in different areas: market studies, financial advisory, construction, agribusiness and renewable energies. Currently develops projects in Brazil and Africa. Since 2003, he is the founder and director of Terraquente Agropecuária Ltda (agribusiness & livestock farming and consultancy). He is also the vice-president and agribusiness director of the Angolan Chamber of Commerce in Brazil, after experiencing the same position, for 2 years, in the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Brazil.




Brazilian, fluent in english and with legal experience in the United States, David offers all Birchwood Stanhope clients involved in Brazil, the benefit of his vast experience. In addition to running his own private practice,  David was responsible for all legal affairs management of SEMACE, the government environmental agency who oversee all project licensing for real estate and agriculture operations within the state of Ceara.

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