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Money grows on trees

Invest in mahogany wood plantations

The investment that meets your needs:

Low entry level


*plus maintance costs which are explained in the prospectus

High ROI

34% per annum 

*anticipated based on current market valuations

*ROI annualized

Achieve your financial goals with help from mother nature.

cruise ship retirement goal

Get a retirement boost.

Portrait of girl in spectacles studying in library

Give the gift of a quality education.

Get a profitable windfall.

main pointing at timber investment part of diverse portfolio

Diversify your portfolio.

It only takes three things:

dirt icon

to turn..



into this


Nature assures your growth, demand assures your return.

Demand for timber has always been strong and continues to grow. Around the world many have forecast the need to increase wood production in line with demand growth. Investing in timber has all the hallmarks of the holy grail of armchair investments, a managed investment with great profitability and high security. To find out more simply fill in the form and we will send you the prospectus.

Mahogany investment overview

Get involved in a prime hardwood (Mahogany) forestry project. Get 1.000 trees professionally planted on one hectare of prime soil for the purpose of producing valuable hardwood boards, delivered as a turn-key (nothing for you to do) investment solution.

  • Profitable turn-key investment
  • Sell at any time
  • Short, medium or long term investment
trees and wood stack

Forestry investments consistently outperform Real Estate, Stocks & Bonds.

Best-performing asset

Forestry products are the most reliable long-term investments. This is what matters to investors who hate risk and love steady returns.

UK forestry has been one of the best-performing asset classes during the past decade delivering returns of 19pc a year, and easily beating shares up 7pc, gilts up 6pc and commercial property up 6pc during the same period, according to the IPD UK Forestry Index. Extending that period out to 22 years and returns are still an impressive 9pc a year.

The perfect investment for those who appreciate the profitability of growing the end product and who want the security and stability provided by a high demand raw material which has been traded for thousands of years.

Key Variables:







At Birchwood Stanhope it’s important to us you have a fundamental understanding of what you are investing in. We’ll provide tables containing the costs and returns, based on an 18 to 20 years cycle capable of producing 200 cubic meters of sawn wood boards, per hectare (starting with 1.000 trees /ha).

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