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Property Investment

Property investment remains one of the most popular routes to creating a better return on your money. This is because property offers the security of a tangible asset and opens multiple routes for a return on the initial investment.

The property location remains the critical factor and more importantly, establishing the level of demand within that location for the type of property you’re purchasing. This is what will drive both the capital value of the property, as well as determining the level of rental income that will be available.

This is the same principle for overseas property too. Establishing growing demand for a certain property type, will offer long-term growth and a significant return on your investment. In addition, an overseas property can also offer many more intangible lifestyle returns, through personal usage, use as a second home or holiday retreat.

How to get residency permission in Europe with a simple investment in property.

Secure permanent life-long residencies in US and Europe

By purchasing property in a number of E.U. countries you could be eligible for residence in the E.U.

This can open the door to later migration to other countries, free movement, business opportunities and of course the security of one of the world’s most stable regions and economy.

We specialise in Residency Permits for these countries:


Cyprus is set to become one of the most coveted global residential destinations on earth. The reasons for this are many but boil down to a brilliant climate, offering four distinct seasons but all of them temperate with more sunshine than anywhere else in Europe, a rapidly improving infrastructure that has huge implications in as far as connectivity is concerned, an enviable quality of life, a cosmopolitan outlook and a much improved economy. Above all, Cyprus offers cosmopolitan modern living set amongst Mediterranean island charm and beauty.
The island offers up a stunning variety of scenery from snow-capped peaks to lush turquoise beaches, from vast plains and gorgeous wine regions to the last great Homeric wildernesses. Cyprus’ cities are chic, happening, cultured and enviably liveable. The country is at once ancient, with any number of antiquities to explore, but also every inch a la mode and buzzy. If your taste is in opera, symphony concerts or chamber music, then concerts run every night of the week. If you are into the visual arts, jazz, ballet, it’s all here as each of the four lively cities is within a two hour drive of the other.


This is a colourful and exciting world for the active sun-lover who values exploring an artists’ quarter, or soaking in the awe-inspiring vistas of paradisiacal mountains and forests, or who is apt to become enchanted by the palaces of Estoril, Cascais or Sintra. The Portuguese are an urbane and outward-looking, charming and above all, a gentle and sensitive people. They are natural explorers and their consummate skill with languages means that they are open to others in a way that many of the nations of Europe are not. A deep vein of excitement and adventure permeates every aspect of Portuguese life, be it in literature, the visual arts, music, dance, etc. Portugal is an unexpected kaleidoscope, a rich and colourful tapestry that beguiles, fascinates and delights at every unexpected twist and turn, a land that leaves you breathless and craving ever more of itself. There is a sensuousness abroad here that has departed most of the modern World as Portugal, for all here avant-garde art and architecture and her high tech endeavours , remains an old-fashioned country, chivalrous, sentimental and essentially sweet, with a soft heart.


As the Spanish economy has returned to fairly impressive growth, so has Spain’s property market. The residential real estate sector has entered into recovery mode with all regions of the country reporting price increases into 2016, the one exception being Navarre. The market has really only just turned at the start of 2016 as prices were still heading in a downwards direction throughout 2015, albeit the year recorded only a small 0.8% drop. Buy-to-let rental yields are rising and now average 5.5% nationwide. With rental rates having risen around 3% year over the past year, it is safe to assume that this may well be time to venture into the market whilst it isn’t far off the bottom rung.


There are few places on Earth quite as intriguing or as experientially or culturally rich and vibrant as Britain. The country has immense scenic diversity for its small size: There is beauty and history everywhere from stunning cathedral cities to super-modern enclaves, from Roman and Bronze Age remains to picture-postcard villages and rural landscapes that have changed little over time and from rugged Nordic mountain scenery to sub-tropical splendor more redolent of the Mediterranean. Tradition and scintillating modernity live side by side in this storied land of ancient and modern.
At the same time, Britain offers thrilling, pulsating metropolises including of course, London but beyond that a renascent, buzzing Birmingham, Manchester , Liverpool, Edinburgh or Cardiff. There’s a stunningly rich diversity of things to do and an enviable quality of life is available everywhere.


Viewed by the kind of long term criteria that one really needs to look at any property sector investment, US housing market, so long as economic conditions remain relatively stable, must always have a basis for over time capital appreciation by dint of a rapidly rising population, both as a result of migration and a relatively high birth rate. With current 320m inhabitants, the US population is due to reach 400m by 2050. When one takes in short term parameters, though, the market looks as if it will hum along relatively well over the next few years. As the labour market has improved of late, so has capital growth although supply by and large has kept up with demand over recent years. In 2016 we are getting our first indications, though, of a lag in supply relative to demand due to a sudden drop in housing starts. Most of this is due to a lack of confidence in the real estate sectors of oil-producing regions of the US. The scenario for more populous coastal regions is by and largely stable. Ultimately, US property has proven to be an excellent investment for those with an eye to long term growth.

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