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Property Solicitors

The role of a solicitor in the purchase of a property abroad is indispensable, be it apropos conveyancing, the stewardship of a survey, tax advice or in the unlikely event that dispute resolution is required.

When dealing with overseas property, there can be laws of which overseas citizens may be unaware, making it even more important to have a legal advice and representation on hand during any purchase. Birchwood Stanhope work with an experienced team of multi-lingual lawyers who are able to explain how property buying works in the country and, whether or not you eventually decide to avail yourself of their services, we can organise a free consultation that will outline the local procedures and give you a far better notion of the overall process. That said, it’s imperative that the buyer feels that there is no conflict of interest in terms of hiring the services of any legal agent and also, we understand that you may also want to compare fees and do some due diligence on your own, thus we are also able to offer a list of reputable alternative companies, should this be a preferable option for you. In any event, we feel that a gratis consultation is always useful unless you have much recent experience of the local property market.

We are always happy to assist should you have any prior questions with regard to the legalities of buying a property in any of our markets.

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