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The directors of Birchwood Stanhope know this resort intimately and it's in paradise. Let us guide you to the very best beach land plots available to purchase.
This is an investment in yourself!

There is nothing quite like the stunning natural beauty that Praia de Gaujiru has to offer. You can do as much or as little as you like.

  • Non-directional – Investment performance is very good and highly consistent.
  • Not correlated to the stock market
  • High returns
  • Low volatility
  • Land plot choices available, inc. beachfront
  • Choose from 7 stunning villa types
  • Idyllic location
  • Thriving short term rental market
  • Excellent currency diversification opportunity
  • Ask any Brazilian, they will tell you that the beaches here in the northeast are the very best in Brazil

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Sun sea and sand in the daytime, the stars at night. The only word allowed here is Relax.

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