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Birchwood Stanhope is proud to announce that we have partnered with a leading wine company able to provide us with insight and trading opportunities that simply aren’t available to most of the UK wine trade.

The UK provides the perfect parameters for basing wine investments. 

  • Non-directional – Investment performance is very good and highly consistent.
  • Not correlated to the stock or property markets
  • High returns
  • Low volatility
  • Tax Benefit 1 – Capital Gains Tax Exempt – UK 
  • Tax Benefit 2 – High rates of Import Duty. 
  • Ownership can be traded back and forth
  • Clients wines are held in their own named accounts
  • The majority of our clients have come through word of mouth recommendations
  • Year on year growth of over 10%
  • Real returns through active portfolio management

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Our Partner founded a wine trading platform which has transformed the way Bordeaux chateaux and merchants do business, and won awards as a result.

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