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“Forest investments combine economy and ecology in the context of sustainability.


Birchwood Stanhope is a professional plantation management company, building an entirely new agricultural 
system based on safe, innovative and regenerative best-practice.

By applying the most modern agro-ecological techniques on our plantations, ranging from precision 
technologies, natural alternatives for crop care, safe water management and renewable power generation, 
our expert agronomists ensure both the permanence of natural capital and globally competitive yields.

African Mahogany - Khaya senegalensis


Good quality Khaya can be the woodworker’s best friend.
With beautiful figuring and lustrous colouring, it is a fine substitute for American Mahogany. Working with an honest importer and careful selection of material is the beginning of a fine woodworking project.

Guanandi - Calophyllum brasiliense

For those who wish to invest in a highly profitable business, an excellent business option is a Guanandi plantation. The prices of its valued wood can reach more than US$ 500 per cubic meter, 50 times higher than the value of Eucalyptus and Pinus.

Invest in a known and trusted commodity – Timber

wood seed and timber planks

Plant, Grow & Sell

Get involved in a prime hardwood forestry plantation. 

Buy 10,000 trees professionally planted on ten hectares of prime soil for the purpose of producing valuable hardwood boards, delivered as a turn-key (nothing for you to do) investment solution.

Top performing asset

Timber graph

Forestry products are the most reliable long-term investments. This is what matters to investors who hate risk and love steady returns.

For example, UK forestry has been one of the best-performing alternative investments during the past decade delivering returns of 19pc a year, and easily beating shares up 7pc, gilts up 6pc and commercial property up 6pc during the same period, according to the IPD UK Forestry Index.

Invest in mahogany wood plantations

“There is a frightful interval between the seed and the timber.” So said the 18th-century wit and writer Samuel Johnson, but wait patiently for your forest to flourish and you could see a significant return on your investment.


Timberland – A Sustainable Portfolio Concept

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Specialist Alternative Investments

Birchwood Stanhope is an Alternative Investments Advisory company, established in 2011. We are 100% independent has offices in  Cheshire, United Kingdom and in Ceará, the northeastern state of Brasil. Birchwood Stanhope has been dedicated to developing alternative investment solutions for close to 10 years. We act in the best and long term interests of our investors, taking into account economic, ecological, social and ethical issues. Our broad experience as an alternative investment manager enables us to identify, analyse and capture attractive investment opportunities. We develop and implement solutions for a broad range of investor needs that take both tax and regulatory issues into account.

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