Socially responsible, impact investments in a changing global marketplace

We act in the best and long term interests of our investors, taking into account economic, ecological, social and ethical issues.
Our broad experience in agriculture investments enables us to identify, analyse and capture attractive investment opportunities.
We develop and help implement solutions for a broad range of investor needs that take both tax and regulatory issues into account.

“The only investors who shouldn’t diversify are those who are right 100% of the time” – Sir John Templeton

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing has moved into the mainstream.

Here are some reasons why:

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    Good governance

    is sistematically important

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    partnerships are expanding

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    Climate change

    is a reality

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    Energy sources

    are shifting

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    Technology is changing

    consumer behaviour

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    Life expectancy

    is increasing

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    are changing

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    is providing tailwinds

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    Value chains

    are global

Working together these ten factors are fuelling the rapid growth of ESG investing.

Our socially responsible impact investments

Are you an accredited or institutional investor looking to bring early adopter stage secondary investment opportunities to your portfolio? Our investors are looking for ways to add equity in private companies to their investment mix.

Birchwood Stanhope has access to socially responsible investment opportunities that are typically closed off to investors outside of institutional VCs. We source and present to our client base of new and experienced angel investors, high net-worth individuals, institutional investors, family offices and wealth managers.

Birchwood Stanhope is an independent, socially responsible impact investment company offering economic, ecological and sustainable investment solutions. We apply a holistic, solution-oriented approach to investing from the development and implementation of a strategy, to the management of and exit from an asset.

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The organic solution against harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers

  • Solve global grand challenges
  • 1,500 hectares under managment
  • Pre-Money Valuation - US$75m
  • Bio pesticide & fertilizers for organic farming.

Fulfill the major consumption trends worldwide: food, energy and hardwood.

  • 20 Years agri track record
  • Phase 1 = 1,070 Hectares
  • 24,000 hectares under management
  • Multiple strategies inc. food & energy crops, timber and renewable energies

A major source of dietary energy for more than 500 million people

  • The most important tropical root crop
  • Consistent & reliable annual yields
  • One of the most drought-tolerant crops
  • A major staple food in the developing world

Areas of interest

An ideal investment portfolio composition will vary from person to person. Agribusiness fulfills the major consumption trends worldwide: food, energy and hardwood.
Agriculture and Renewable Energy investments are well supported by strong market fundamentals and backed with the value of a very well understood asset - land.

Birchwood Stanhope

Birchwood Stanhope is a Socially Responsible Impact Investment company, Est. in 2011. We are 100% independent with offices in Ceará, the northeastern state of Brasil and in Lisbon, Portugal. Birchwood Stanhope has been dedicated to developing socially responsible impact investment solutions for over 8 years.

Our expertise, built across the entire value chain, enables us to identify attractive investments for our investors. We apply a holistic, solution-oriented approach to investing, from the development and implementation of a strategy, to the management of and exit from an asset. A solid operational infrastructure, a high degree of transparency, rigorous asset controls and efficient cost structures mean we are able to achieve significant economies of scale and strong corporate governance.

Timothy Connell

Managing Director

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In addition to investment opportunities we also design tailor-made investment solutions in the form of individual mandates or specific investment strategies and their implementation.

Why choose our services?

Cumulatively, the Senior Management Team possess multi-decade experience in implementing crossborder investment strategies, and seek to deliver the most innovative and attractive products to investors. The aim is not simply to complete transactions with clients, but rather to help increase wealth over the medium and long term.

Birchwood Stanhope maximizes investor returns by focusing on a comprehensive diversification of its offerings – including, but not limited to asset class, currency, geopolitical and product diversification. The Birchwood Stanhope team is unremitting in researching opportunities across the globe that will deliver the highest possible returns to clients, but with the lowest possible risk.

We specialize in alternative investments where performance is highly consistent and not correlated to the stock markets, and where there is a proven demonstrable ability to deliver profit for investors over an extended period of time.

Socially Responsible Impact

9Years of Experience


Existing Projects

  • Avoid the volatility & uncertainty of the stock markets

  • Low market correlated investments

  • Adjust investment exposure accordingly

  • Interesting non-directional propositions

  • Investment performance is very appealing & consistent

We live in a finite world but with infinite demands. Human wants, political convenience and intellectual inertia trump planetary limits. Birchwood Stanhope makes headway in setting signposts towards a more sustainable future. Will we have the courage to take the less trodden path? And if not now, When?

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In addition to investment opportunities we also design tailor-made investment solutions in the form of individual mandates or specific investment strategies and their implementation.

Your Capital is at Risk, Any potential investment and interest payments are not guaranteed. In the event of a loan default or if any company becomes insolvent, you may lose some or all of your investment, including interest payments due. If you are in any doubt about making an investment you are strongly recommended to consult a trained professional advisor. Before you subscribe to any investment you should ensure that you fully understand the risks and determine whether the investment is suitable for you on the basis of all the information available, including the Information Memorandum.

Despite any past experience or results past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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