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Why Diversify

Diversification is a familiar term to most investors. In the most general sense, it can be summed up with this phrase: “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” While that sentiment certainly captures the essence of the issue, it provides little guidance on the practical implications of the role diversification plays in an investor’s portfolio and offers no insight into how a diversified portfolio is actually created. Birchwood Stanhope, will provide an overview of diversification and give you some insight into how you can make it work to your advantage.


Changes in currency exchange rates and currency controls. 

Using more than one currency as an investing or financing strategy. Exposure to a diversified currency portfolio typically entails less exchange rate risk than if all the portfolio exposure were in a single foreign currency.


Political, economic, and social events. 
Geopolitical risks can have a tremendous impact on global investment portfolios. 

By understanding how geopolitical risks impact their portfolios, investors can avoid making potentially costly mistakes by overreacting to the market. 

Asset class

Securities with similar characteristics and behavior in the market. 

Diversification is the idea that you can reduce the overall risk level of your investment portfolio by spreading your investments across different asset classes. There is usually little correlation, or an inverse or negative correlation, between different asset classes

Why choose Birchwood Stanhope

Professional representation begins with a knowledgeable and a well-trained approach to create success. 
Through Birchwood Stanhope you can be confident that you will always be advised by seasoned professionals. 

No Fees or Charges

We are focused on helping you achieve your investment goals. As such, we do not charge any fees from our investors and base our income entirely on profits generated from our financing activities.

Customer Care

We value our investors and understand that their time and peace of mind is precious. That’s why we have a dedicated customer care team that will go the extra mile to answer your queries.

High Returns

Whilst Birchwood Stanhope believe in helping businesses in all aspects of their financial success, the company is driven to generate the highest possible returns for its clients.

The Global View

Whilst operating exclusively with UK-based investors, Birchwood Stanhope’s knowledge of the global markets allows them to take an unbiased view of UK economy. This means that it takes global matters into consideration when examining our investments in order to deliver the highest returns to our investors.

High Security

High level of security and scrutiny for your investment is paramount.  We adhere to all GDPR requirements and we also perform all required Anti Money Laundering checks before your investment is accepted.


Birchwood Stanhope believes each of its investors, however big or small, should be treated with the same professional attitude and high standard of service. We look to provide everyday investors with the opportunity to take advantage offers usually available only to institutional and ultra-high net worth investors.

Countries we focus on: U.S. U.K. and Brasil

Two of the chief reasons why people invest in international investments and investments with international exposure are:

  • Diversification. International investing may help investors to spread their investment risk among foreign companies and markets in addition to local companies and markets.
  • Growth. International investing takes advantage of the potential for growth in some foreign economies, particularly in emerging markets

Short Term Income or Long Term Growth


30 day, 12 or 24 month portfolios available 
Terms and conditions apply

Above Average Returns

Fully Insured Portfolios

28 Years of Debt Buying Experience

Ultra High Security of Capital


15 – 20 years growth time
Terms and conditions apply

Asset Backed Security

Own 10 or 20 Hectare Plots Freehold

Phase 1 – 500 Hectares

Turnkey & Fully Managed

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